Website Design

We’ve all heard the expression; “you never get a second to make a first impression”. With billions of websites on the internet, and tons of companies vying for the same customers everyday, this couldn’t be more true when it comes to your new website. But how do you set your company apart? Where do you go for the answers?There isn’t a one-sizefits all answer. Let OTLMP develop a dynamic, easy to use, cost effective solution for your company today. Whether your company is large or small, Over The Limit Website Designers will help combine aesthetics, usability and functionality to effectively present and promote your business, services, products and brand.

Graphic Design

Professional, creative, edgy, stunning, spectacular, out of this world,… all words a business owner wants to hear when people are looking at their company, products, services and marketing material. Graphic design should convey a creative visual representation of ideas and messages about your product to your audience. An understanding of a client's product, services, goals, competitors and the target audience is key in translating the your message into a visual solution that not only informs but also draws the client in. Over The Limit staffs some of the industries most talented graphic designers; designers with the artistic sensibility, skill and experience to create designs that will leave your customers wowed and wanting more.


From custom screen-printingand embroidery to business cards and flyers, Over The Limit Printing will exceed your every expectation. Promotional item are our specialty. T-shirts, water bottles, pens, beer cozies…the list goes on and on. Get your company name in front of your target audience in a way that’s both entertains and informs. Call now to speak to one of our Account Executives, who can help guide you to the printing solution that will work best for your company.

TV/Video Production

Its 2013 and there is no medium more powerful then Television and online Videos to get your message across. These days a powerful video can make it to TV and almost all TV makes it to the web. We are living in a time where the 2 are truly becoming 1. Now more then ever, a powerful viral campaign can take your company to heights you’ve never dreamed of. Whether you want to create a reality show around your business, instructional viral videos or you need help with your national commercial campaign, Over The Limit Productions will create a campaign that tells the story of your company. We’ll do it in a way that is both compelling and informative yet leave the viewer wanting more.

Marketing Services

Marketing is defined as the activity, set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. BORING!!! To the staff at Over The Limit, marketing is the way you tell the story of your brand; a way to make a mark on your industry; a way to tell the world why your product is better then the other guys. Call today to find out how an Over The Limit Search Engine Optimization Package, SEO, can help take your company to new heights. You may only have one shot to make an impression so you’ve gotta make it count!!

What We Offer:

  • QUALITY ASSURANCE – You will be satisfied with the quality of our work or we’ll work day and night to get it there. The work isn’t done till you are completely satisfied.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – The promise that no phone call or email will go unanswered. And the knowledge that we value your business and the relationship that is forged during every project.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY – The commitment that we’ll deliver work that will exceed your every expectation, knowing that your satisfaction is the best advertising.